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MOFC WAHIO Terms & Conditions 

  1. The Promoter of the draw is Maree Oranmore Football Club, located at Howley Court, Oranmore, Co. Galway (hereinafter referred to as “the Promoter”). Members of the Executive Fundraising Committee of the Promoter will organise and oversee the draw. 
  1. The purpose of the draw is to raise funds for the benefit and development of Maree Oranmore Football Club. The organiser(s) of the draw shall not derive any personal profit from the draw. Members of the Executive Fundraising Committee are excluded from entering the draw. 
  1. The Lottery Licence for this Competition was granted in Galway District Court 5th of September 2023. 
  1. The draw is open to persons aged 18 years or older. Any draw tickets purchased by persons under the age of 18 years shall be declared null and void and shall not be included nor deemed to be included in the draw. Any such draw ticket entered into the draw in error or otherwise will be declared invalid and another draw ticket will be drawn in its place. 
  1. Once a ticket has been purchased as a gift, full ownership of the ticket belongs to the giftee. And only the named giftee can claim the prize.  
  1. Tickets may be purchased by an adult in Trust as a gift for someone under 18 Years in which case the adult shall be deemed to be the winner. 
  1. Evidence of identity and age (over 18) that matches the winning ticket will be required before a prize will be awarded. Acceptable evidence of identify and age are passport or driver’s licence. 
  1. By purchasing a draw ticket, the draw ticket purchaser is indicating their agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions of purchase. Only those persons who have purchased a draw ticket(s) are eligible to participate in the draw. 
  1. Each ticket shall be entitled to one entry into the draw. 
  1. There is no limit to the number of draw tickets a person can purchase. 
  1. The maximum number of draw tickets available is 20,000. 
  1. The First prize is an A rated, three-bedroom house, newly built, in the development known as Tobair Orain (subject to the conditions below). The house is under construction and the completion date will be issued on our website. 
  1. Images used throughout the website are from the Tobair Orain showhouse and are for illustrative purposes only. 
  1. Draw tickets are sold in Ireland, under Irish Law and any regulations in place in Ireland, and provided that they are permitted to do so in their home jurisdiction, tickets can be bought from any location worldwide. 
  1. The draw is fixed for 21st June 2024. The draw will be held at a place and time to be confirmed on All ticket purchasers shall be entitled to attend and witness the draw. The draw may be held on an earlier date at the discretion of the Promoter.  
  1. Further prizes and bonus prizes may be added during the period of the sales promotion up to and including the final draw date. This will include “early bird draws” for various prizes. Details will be as advertised from time-to-time on and all who have purchased prior to any early draw date will be included in each draw thereafter. 
  1. The Promoter reserves the right to alter or change the draw date and/or the draw time and/or the draw location for any reason whatsoever and in setting an alternative draw date and/or draw time and/or draw location will notify the draw ticket purchaser as soon as practicable in respect thereof by publishing a notice in this regard on 
  1. The Promoter, its servants, agents, licensees, trustees, committee members, sub-committee members or the organisers of the draw accepts no responsibility whatsoever whether due to error, omission, alteration, tampering, deletion, theft, destruction, transmission, interception or communication failure or otherwise, for unreceived, late, missing, incomplete, incorrectly submitted, corrupted or misdirected entries to the draw. 
  1. The Promoter has contracted with Laurem Construction Ltd (“the Builder”) to build the house to a completed finish, ten-year structural guarantee/Homebond. Full specification and features of the completed dwelling are available on the website 
  1. The winner may elect to take a cash sum alternative of €280,000 instead of the house prize which said election must be made by the winner within 14 days of the draw being made. 
  1. The winner of the 1st prize in the draw will be notified by email or letter within 28 days of the draw date and shall be nominated by the Promoter as “the purchaser” for the purpose of the contract for sale/building agreement. 
  1. To claim their prize, the prize-winners must contact the Promoter by email at enter [email protected] and/or by post, or in-person at the Promoter’s location. 
  1. The prize-winners may be subject to verification by the Promoter and their agents. This process may take up to 7 days to complete once the prize-winners have claimed their prize. 
  1. Their identity and location (town, county or country, as appropriate) shall be publicised on the draw date. The winner agrees to the use of his/her name and images that may be taken at the prize-giving/hand-over, in any publicity material. Any personal data relating to the winner, or any other entrants will be used solely in accordance with GDPR and will not be disclosed to a third party without the entrant’s prior consent. 
  1. If a prize-winner cannot be contacted via one of the above means of communication or does not claim their prize within 14 days of the notification of same, the Promoter reserves the right to withdraw the prize from the prize-winner and select a replacement prize-winner. 
  1. The first prize winner accepts that, provided the builder performs to his contracted obligations, he/she shall have no claims as to the terms of such contract, and accepts that his/her rights are limited to those rights under the contract for sale/ building contract, such rights as will be assigned to the winner within 28 days of the draw date. 
  1. The promoter, its servants, agents, licensees, trustees, committee members, sub-committee members or the organisers of the draw shall not in any circumstances be liable for any loss suffered due to any issues or delays in the construction of the house and the winner accepts that once nominated by the promoter as provided for in clause 24 above, the Promoter shall have no further or other responsibility or liability to the winner save for payment of the full purchase and building contract price. 
  1. The obligations under the contract, including but not limited to the requirement for the winner to become a member of the management company of the estate, and contribute his/her equitable share of the annual service charges fee, shall become the obligations of the winner on becoming owner of the house. 
  1. The property should have an estimated value of €360,000 when completed but neither the Promoter nor the Builder can give any assurance as to any variation in value at the time of the draw. 
  1. Conveyancing and registration of the property shall be arranged between the solicitor for the Builder and a solicitor to be arranged by and on behalf of the winner. The winner is responsible for his/her own side’s legal fees and any costs of registration of the property, including any stamp duty, land registry fees, searches or other fees or charges. 
  1. If the 1st prize winner of the Property does not appoint a solicitor and take steps within 28 days of claiming the prize to affect the transfer of the legal title to the property to them and in any event enter into a Deed of Transfer to so transfer the Property within six months from the date of claiming the prize the Promoter reserves the right to withdraw the prize and select a replacement winner. 
  1. Draw tickets cannot be refunded once purchased. However, should the draw not take place for any reason, force-majeure or otherwise the organising committee reserve the right to re-schedule or cancel the draw in its entirety. In the event of cancellation, a maximum amount of €80.00 per draw ticket purchased will be refunded to the draw ticket purchaser. The cancellation or any amendment to the draw or these terms and conditions of purchase will be notified to the draw ticket purchaser as soon as practicable in respect thereof by publishing a notice in this regard on 
  1. No responsibility can be accepted for entries or payments not received for whatever reason. Purchasers shall receive a confirmation of purchase and a ticket number within 48 hours of purchasing their ticket, which confirms their inclusion in the draw. Should any error occur in the processing of payment subsequent to the issuing of the ticket number, the purchaser shall be contacted by e-mail to advise if the transaction has been voided. 
  1. The promoter, its servants, agents, licensees, trustees, committee members, sub-committee members or the organisers of the draw reserve the right to cancel or amend the competition at any time, for any reason. Where any term and/or condition is so modified, the Promoter will notify entrants, members and ticket holders of the nature of the change by publishing them on our website at com. Ticket holders are at all times bound by the terms and conditions as published on and your purchase of a ticket will be acceptance of an obligation that you must check this page frequently to ensure you are aware of changes which will be immediately binding once posted. These Terms and Conditions contain all of the Terms which the parties have agreed and supersede all other prior terms and conditions, understandings, arrangements or agreements, whether verbal or written, in relation to the draw. 
  1. The operation of the draw, its implementation, conduct and verification and the conduct of the selection of the winning ticket on the draw date shall be independently observed and scrutinised by DHKN Limited. The draw will be held in public and persons who have purchased a ticket shall be welcome to attend and observe the draw live. 
  1. By purchasing a ticket, the purchaser or the person nominated as the ticket holder is confirming his/her agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions. 
  1. For the purposes of data protection legislation: 
  • The Promoter will retain and use the draw ticket purchaser’s personal data for the duration of the draw and a reasonable period thereafter; 
  • On purchasing a draw ticket, the draw ticket purchaser agrees to the use of their details being used solely in connection with the draw. Personal data of any kind will not be disclosed to a third party without the draw ticket purchaser’s consent; 
  • The prize-winners hereby agree and consent to the use of their personal data and/or image being released in publicity material in conjunction with the draw; 
  • The 1st prize winner also agrees and consents to their personal data being released to relevant third parties to affect the transfer of the Property to them.